What Foods Cause Acne Breakouts?

The old adage, “you are what you eat” can’t be truer than when it comes to common causes of acne. } Often individuals who do not consume a healthy diet or whose diet lacks the proper quantity of critical vitamins and minerals suffer from acne problems.

Remember, you body has to be healthy before your skin can be healthy, so strive to eat a well balanced diet, and give yourself to an active lifestyle in order to enjoy unblemished, smooth, and glowing skin.

If you’re experiencing skin problems, rather than treating your body’s biggest organ with harsh chemicals or taking medications which may interfere with your other prescriptions, look in the nutrition value of your existing diet. Work to improve your skin and protect yourself from acne by following these guidelines.

Banish Fats, Oils, and Sugars

Quite often, consuming a diet high in fats, oils, and sugars can wreck havoc on someone’s skin. Just because these unsavory developments to your diet may cause other issues seen in your entire body, what you eat directly affects the quality of your skin.

Most people have experienced a break after binging on junk food or fast food, the majority of which is high in fat, sugar, carbohydrates, and oils. In order to stop break outs related to ingesting this unhealthy food, begin to replace these items in your diet with foods that are natural and healthy.

Avoid Popular Misconceptions

Many individuals are under the misconception that eating certain foods can cause or aggravate their acne condition. The most popular food to blame for bad skin is undoubtedly chocolate. Chocolate lovers will take great pleasure in imagining that no one particular type of food–such as chocolate–has been demonstrated to cause or worsen acne in individuals. Nevertheless, you should enjoy your chocolate as your entire diet can certainly affect the quality of your skin’s appearance, even though one particular item may not be the trigger.

Try Organic Foods

When looking to change your diet for the better, take care in including fresh, wholesome foods to your new lifestyle. Many individuals have found great success in incorporating organic foods into their diet, since these items lack any additional chemicals, preservatives, or potential toxins that can affect both your body and your skin.

Moreover, structure your diet about fresh produce, the majority of which contain necessary vitamins that will positively affect your entire body. Also, you may need to avoid eating meat products high in fat, since fats can be immediately be saved in your system, lasting long after that greasy burger has been digested.

Consider Vitamin and Mineral Supplements

Many individuals do not get the correctly daily dose of vitamins or minerals in their diet. Because of this, you should explore including supplements in your daily health regimen. Bear in mind, before consuming any medications or supplements of any sort, be sure to consult your primary health care provider to be sure the dosage is appropriate and the medication will not negatively interact with your current prescriptions.

Too, you may want to find a solid multi-vitamin that’s specified for your gender, age, or activity level. Make sure you look for supplements that include Vitamin E, a necessary vitamin when it comes to the health of your skin.

Hydrate Your Body

Unless you’re drinking at least eight eight-ounce glasses of water each day, you’re not hydrating your body to a healthy stretch. Most individuals aren’t properly hydrated and their skin pays the price. If you find your skin is dull, ashy, flaky, itchy, or too dry, you’re not drinking enough water to benefit your body.

Hydrated skin is fresh and glowing, so you should drink up to experience these great effects! Additionally, drinking the proper amount of water on a daily basis will also benefit your overall sense of health. Avoid drinking sodas or carbonated sports drinks, because the added sodium and sugar can be detrimental to your healthy lifestyle.

By following the above guidelines for clear skin, you can actively work to maintain healthy looking skin that’s free of acne. If you end up suffering from acne or other skin conditions, focus inward instead for a remedy of the problem rather than slathering your skin with potentially harmful creams or lotions that may cause more harm that good. By eating a proper diet, you will ensure your skin is as healthy as you are.


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